Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

At Elizabeth House Medical Practice, we take every opportunity to improve the services we provide and we encourage people to share their suggestions and complaints with us. We find that this feedback is most effective when it is made immediately and verbally but we will make a formal, written record of all complaints, even those that have been immediately resolved.

Who To Talk To

Complaints and suggestions can be made to any member of staff at Elizabeth House Medical Practice, but the practice manager and senior partner will always take responsibility for recording and responding to your feedback.

If there is any aspect of your visit to the practice that you are unhappy with, please complete our feedback form, or put your concerns in writing to the practice manager, Shelley O’Brien. If you would like a member of staff to report a complaint on your behalf, please contact the practice.

Our Response

When a written complaint is made, we will provide a written acknowledgement within three working days of receiving it. We will then respond fully to the issue within twenty eight working days.

At Elizabeth House Medical Practice, we find that the sooner we are made aware of your problem, the sooner we can try to resolve it.