First Contact Physiotherapy Service

  • Our ‘in-house’ physiotherapist service allows you to see a first contact physiotherapist (FCP) who is an advanced practitioner working within the practice with extensive expertise in the clinical assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. They will see patients with (suspected or diagnosed) musculoskeletal conditions (i.e any problems involving muscle/joints/bones etc) as the first point of contact, often instead of a GP, and can be accessed directly by contacting the practice’s reception.
  • Typically your appointment will involve assessment, diagnosis and first-line treatment. Your first contact physiotherapist can also refer patients for a course of physiotherapy treatment, refer to our specialist MSK team for further investigations and management or make referrals into secondary care services using the same pathways as GPs.
  • As a person-centred service, most appointments include self-management advice, social prescribing, and discussions about physical activity and fitness for work.

How is this service different to self- referral to Physiotherapy?

Typically, self-referral services will be accessed by those who know they need to see a physiotherapist. Unlike self-referral or direct access, First contact Physiotherapy is not (early access to) a course of physiotherapy. They will assess fully and should you require further treatment, they can make a referral into the Physiotherapy service.